Check out our newest imprint opened in 2017— CTP Pulse! 


CTP Pulse books can be found on our Crimson Tree Publishing website along with all of our other amazing titles. These are our novels that are available in e-book format only. Our goal with CTP Pulse is to offer our readers binge-worthy reads that are released in half the time of our traditionally published novels. Check out all of our titles here.


When you submit to Crimson Tree Publishing, your submission may also be considered for CTP Pulse or one of our other imprints such as Changing Tides Publishing or Clean Teen Publishing.

Why CTP Pulse

In our experience with traditional publishing, Crimson Tree Publishing has found that many titles with full print distribution never make it out of the red due to the massive amount of returns that retailers make. It not only causes a loss of money on many titles, but it also ties up author royalties much longer than the returns on digital-only royalties.

Crimson Tree Publishing understands that the books authors write are their creative outlets and precious to them. Most authors also dream of being able to financially profit from their creative labor. CTP completely respects this ambition. As a business, Crimson Tree wants to devote resources to products that will offer the best return on the upfront investment put into it.

Crimson Tree Publishing strives to collaborate with authors who are ready to work hard to build their author brand, can produce quality sequels in a timely manner, and desire to make a great financial return on their time investment by being involved in all aspects of publication alongside us—from marketing to advertising to reader interaction.

Because we want to offer our authors the best opportunities for profitable success, we have decided it would make more sense to do digital runs first on select titles—before print is even considered. This is where our new imprint comes in. In the past, CTP has chosen not to sign certain titles due to the genre or subject not fitting into the admittedly narrow hot spot of the current print trends.

Because the e-book marketplace has a much broader margin to work within, Crimson Tree has decided to change our initiative and stop limiting the titles we sign based on whether or not they possess the purchase-price shelf appeal of the current print market trends. Instead, CTP will look for binge-worthy series that have the potential to make a splash in the digital marketplace. These digital-first titles will be marketed under the new CTP Pulse imprint.

Digital sales are this publishing company’s favorite kind. They make up 95% of our combined author income. Digital sales are clear cut, paid quicker by digital retailers, and have a very limited number of returns. With digital, there is no excess inventory collecting dust on shelves in a warehouse, and e-book publications are finished and in readers’ hands in a more timely and efficient manner. The net royalty on a single digital book sale (based on CTP average price point), typically earns two to three times more than the net royalty on a paperback sale. With numbers like that, no wonder it is CTP’s preferred source of income.

Do CTP Pulse titles get treated differently than Crimson Tree Publishing titles? 

Besides the obvious difference of CTP Pulse titles not being available in print, all titles under the CTP umbrella are treated to the same services. CTP Pulse and Crimson Tree Publishing titles both receive professional editing and cover art, marketing support, a book launch package, and many other lucrative amenities. CTP Pulse titles may be submitted to different reviewers than Crimson Tree Publishing titles since the digital-first titles will be targeted to e-book reviewers. One exciting difference between the two is that CTP Pulse titles can be released to the public much faster due to the all-digital format.

Can I still get my book in print for personal use? 

Crimson Tree Publishing still offers CTP Pulse authors access to a print edition for personal use. Authors can purchase additional copies to take to trade events, to sell at book signings, or to use for promotional giveaways.

Are the author royalties different? 

We provide the same royalty percentage for CTP Pulse and Crimson Tree Publishing authors apart from the small advance offered on print titles. The print advance is meant to provide a small financial support for the author while their title is in process and not generating income, which is close to a one-year period. Given that CTP Pulse titles can be published in half the time it takes print-run titles, this advance isn’t offered to digital-only authors. This streamlines accounting for digital-first titles, as well as allows the author’s first royalty statement to be true income rather than having the possibility of being in the negative due to the advance.