Are you interested in having your book rated?

Here at Clean Teen Publishing we want everyone to have access to our full disclosure system.  We have a team in place that will take care of everything and we’re running a special right now!  For only $75 you will get:

  • A JPEG image of the tree for your book
  • A PDF file with a detailed disclosure of any notable content in your book

We’ve received an overwhelming response to our disclosure system. Many authors are excited to have this system available for their readers. Not only is this rating system a good source of advertising for your book, but it also lets the reader know you care enough to disclose the material in your book. If you have multiple books, we offer a 20% discount on every additional book you request content disclosures for.

Contact us today at: submissions@cleanteenpublishing.com to order your rating.

For publishing companies: We do offer bulk discounts as well as ratings personalized with your company’s logo. Please contact us for more information on how CTP’s ratings can add value to your company.

*Currently we only accept payments through PayPal. We ask that you pay 50% up front and the remainder upon delivery of your rating. Please allow a turn around time of 2 weeks for us to properly rate your book. Please also note that we are not able to change your rating if you don’t agree with it. We will be rating everyone using the same method. We appreciate your understanding with this.