ctRatingsHow our ratings are configured:

We rate our books by using a 5-point scale in four different categories.  The categories are as follows: Language, Romance, Violence, and Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking.  On the back of the book, you will see one of the trees above with the following ratings:

  • YAe | Deemed appropriate for everyone including advanced readers 12 and under.
  • YA | Appropriate for the average Young Adult audience, which is usually 13 and up.
  • YAm | This book is written for the mature young adult audience.

*If any of the material in the book maxes out on our 5-point scale in any category, then the book will automatically be rated YAm.

The total rating is determined when the scores for each category are added and divided by 4 to find the average score for the book.

  • If the average rating is between 0-1, then the book will be labeled YAe.
  • If the book is between 2-3, then the book will be labeled YA.
  • If the book has a rating between 4-5 or if any category is maxed out with 5 points, it will be rated YAm.  

The leaves of the tree give you a short glimpse as to how the book received its rating.

If you would like more details on why a category was scored a certain way, you can check out the QR code on the back of the book or simply visit our website. The QR code will take you directly to our site, where you will find a detailed content disclosure for the book. If you purchase the book in ebook format, the tree and the QR code will be located within the first three pages of the book.

  • We’ve worked tirelessly to put together a non-subjective rating system for the YA genre.  We know that everyone’s values are different.  If you find that you don’t agree with the order in which something was put under a category, then we encourage you to go to the page by using the QR code so that you can access the book’s detailed information. We know our rating system may not be perfect for everyone; that is why we try and give you as much information about the book’s content as we can..
  • Please note that we are only human and while our rating system is not subjective, we can’t guarantee that we won’t ever miss a major event that could have affected the rating
  • Our rating system is a work in progress.  Check back frequently for new info.

The following guidelines do not list every example.  If you wish to see an extensive list for each book, please visit the book’s page on this website for detailed information.

Language symbol


Baby Talk: bum, butt, poop, pee etc. Puns: peace off, fugly, “Oh my cod!” (Cat in the Hat movie), “Well, I have to save my ass.” (from Shrek) Double Entendre: salad tosser, “That’s what she said.”, “This is a lovely horse, I once rode her mother.”, “He hit a home run.”
Directive Abuse/Name Calling. Abbreviations: LMAO, B.S. Other: H word and D word.
Blasphemy: Jesus Christ, God (includes God-d word- it). Other: S word, Pissed-off.
 Sexual References.
Adjectival: F word + ing. Racial Expletives. Other: F word, B word

Violence symbol


Name calling, minor physical harming (slapping), talk of hurting someone physically, intimidation/talking down to someone.
Squabble or fist fight, verbal aggression (more than just name calling), threatening, bullying, talk of killing someone, Making fun of religious beliefs.
Assault with an object (baseball bat), Girlfriend/boyfriend emotional turmoil.
 Assault with a deadly weapon, war, murder non-explicit, gang violence, threatening suicide.
Murder/explicit, all forms of sexual abuse: prostitution, rape etc. Genocide.

Romance symbol


Light kissing (minimal).
Intimate kissing.
Fondling with clothes on, Girlfriend/boyfriend emotional turmoil.
 intense romance but no sex


Drugs symbol


Mild, less than two scenes that mention alcohol, or smoking and only with adults.(minimal)
Adults who are either drinking, smoking, or inappropriately using prescription drugs in more than two scenes in the book.
Underage drinking, smoking or drug use, by either major or minor characters in the book. Any use of pot, mushrooms, peyote or other naturally occurring drugs.
 The book involves drug/alcohol/prescription drug abuse; heavy use of other drugs. Someone maybe OD’d or got in trouble with the law. People are either smoking, using drugs, drinking excessive alcohol in an irresponsible manner, any use of cocaine, ecstasy, or other synthetic drugs that aren’t immediately addictive.
The premise of the book revolves around one or all: drinking, smoking, and/or alcohol. The content is extensive and only appropriate for mature audiences. Any use of heroin, crack, and/or methamphetamines etc.


While our name is Clean Teen Publishing, we cannot guarantee that the books we publish are always clean to your standards. While everyone’s moral values are different, we try to bring to light the content of our books to allow each reader the opportunity to make their own personal decisions.